Cancel a Registration

A cancelled registration can be un-canceled by repeating the same process.

Cancel a registration

  1. Make sure you're logged into your Stats Admin
  2. Click Registrations in the main menu
  3. To find the desired registration to cancel you can either:
    • click Registrants link for a given registration (green arrow)
    • -or-  
    • search for the desired registration (purple arrow)

The registrants link or search will provide a list of registrations. Find the registration would like to cancel and click the Cancel link.

Cancelling a registration works differently depending on if payment is enabled.

Cancel without Payment

  1. A Confirm Cancellation window will open
  2. Review the information and click the Cancel Registration button

Cancel with Payment

A Cancellation Registration window will open with 3 sections. These sections can be completed in any order.

1. Registration Section: Click the Cancel Registration button to cancel the registration

2. Fees Section: When cancelling a registration the invoice fees including future scheduled payments are NOT cancelled. You can manually forgive the fees by decreasing the invoice.

  1. An Adjustment window will open
  2. By default the "Decrease by how much?" amount will be preset to the Entire invoice total.
  3. Review the information and click the Add button to adjust the invoice.

3. Payments Section: If the registration requires a refund you can:

  1. Check the payments to refund under the Refund column.
  2. You can adjust the Refund Amount to make a partial refund
  3. Click the Refund button

  1. A Confirm Refund window will open
  2. Review the information and click the Refund button